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Does the Perth Group really believe HIV does not exist?

The Perth Group does not broker beliefs and has never claimed HIV does not exist.  (Neither have we claimed AIDS does not exist although we and our colleagues are often referred to as "AIDS Denialists").  What we have argued on numerous occasions in our publications and presentations is there is no proof that a retrovirus HIV does exist.  Not in test-tubes, not in AIDS patients and not in anyone who is "HIV" positive.  We freely concede that our assertion may be wrong but to date no HIV expert has responded with any argument that has convinced us otherwise.  There is a tradition in science that those who propose theories provide the proof.  According to this tradition it is up to the HIV protagonists to come up with proof that HIV does exist.  A scientist cannot employ the "Martian" argument.  That Martians exist because there is no proof they do not exist.  It is our long held view that the laboratory phenomena documented by Montagnier and Gallo in Science in 1983/84 (which are still the best papers on this particular topic) are not specific for retroviruses and do not constitute proof of isolation of a retrovirus. In regard to Montagnier's "discovery of HIV" please read our recent paper HERE

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