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A review of the evidence for the existence of HIV - with discussions on isolation, proteins, genomic data, antibody testing, sexual transmission and antiretroviral drug therapy
HIV - A virus like no other
ВИЧ – вирус, не похожий ни на один другой (Russian translation)
Summary by Science Writer Neville Hodgkinson
Supplementary linked material
Overview of reverse transcription and reverse transcriptases
Immune deficiency and AIDS
AIDS - Sexually transmitted or sexually acquired?
Cellular oxidation and HIV/AIDS
If there is no HIV why are there HIV antibody tests?
Time decay of maternal antibodies shows HIV antibody tests cannot be specific
Animal models and HIV/AIDS
Montagnier's 1983 evidence for the p25/24 "HIV" protein
A critical analysis of Ander's Vahlne paper: "A historical reflection on the discovery of human retroviruses"
Bioinformatic confirmation of HIV-1 env gene sequences in breast cancer
A Brief Commentary on the Question of HIV and AIDS by former South African President Thabo Mbeki

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