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The HIV/AIDS Debate

Nothing is more difficult to overcome than the problems we thought were already overcome.

Alexis de Tocqueville

Due to irreconcilable scientific and ethical differences we disassociate ourselves from the Rethinking AIDS Group

What is needed to prove or disprove the HIV theory of AIDS?

There are three ways to resolve this debate:

The first is to garner enough public opinion to mandate a public debate between a small number of protagonists and dissidents. This debate should be international, public and adjudicated by a number of disinterested scientists of Nobel Laureate class who must present the international community with a resolution as to the way forward.

The second is for HIV seropositive individuals to have the evidence for their diagnoses of "HIV" infection examined in courts of law.

The third is to perform isolation experiments to prove whether or not a retrovirus "HIV" exists in individuals with a positive antibody test or AIDS. An outline of these experiments can be found in the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel report. Read HERE.


HIV - A Virus like no other

Analysis of the evidence for the existence of HIV

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Is Robert Gallo renouncing
the existence of HIV?

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