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Papers and letters published in scientific journalsSize
A Critical Analysis of the Pharmacology of AZT and its Use in AIDS
Is a positive Western blot proof of HIV infection?
The HIV Western blot
AIDS in Africa: Distinguishing fact and fiction
Reappraisal of AIDS: Is the oxidation induced by the risk factors the primary cause?
Oxidative stress HIV and AIDS
Kaposi's Sarcoma and HIV
Has Gallo proven the role of HIV in AIDS?
Factor VIII, HIV and AIDS in haemophiliacs: an analysis of their relationship
A critical analysis of the HIV-T4-CELL-AIDS hypothesis
HIV antibodies: Further questions and a plea for clarification
HIV antibody tests and viral load - More unanswered questions and a further plea for clarification
HIV transmission from donor semen
Acute retroviral syndrome
Questions about results reported with potent antiretroviral therapy for HIV
Global voices on HIV/AIDS
High rates of HIV seropositivity in Africa—alternative explanation
A critique of the Montagnier evidence for the HIV/AIDS hypothesis
Letter published in NEJM
HIV drug remains unproven without placebo trial
Letter published in EMA
Would Montagnier please clarify whether HIV or oxidation by the risk factors is the primary cause of AIDS?
Reducing agents-why are we waiting?
An alternative explanation for the radiosensitization of AIDS patients
Experimental SIV infection

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